Endpoint (formerly TheFallen123) is a director and the owner of the film group Stopmotion101 Studios. He debuted in the community with Moon Wars: Zombie Planet.


Endpoint, being inspired by several directors, began making films in early 2010 under the account TheFallen123. He then he made his first film, Infected. It was a 14 minute film. Later on, as Endpoint progressed, he started a series known as Planetary Conquest.

In the middle of 2010, Endpoint met mikki, a director with his own company who focused on creating comedy sketches and short movies. With his help, Endpoint started Stopmotion101 Studios (which at the time only had 5-10 actors), and together the two worked on many projects. Endpoint, for a while balanced between comedy sketches and films. With mikki and a couple of his friends, Endpoint released Fire V.S Ice.

After Fire V.S Ice, with the help of his group, Endpoint released his first film: Moon Wars, which opened to mainly positive reception.They soon released Moon Wars: Revenge Of The Zombie King. It was around then that mikki, his guide and mentor, quit. Stopmotion101 Studios soon released Moon Wars: The Evolved, Moon Wars: Return of The Zombie Prince, and Moon Wars: Zombie Planet. It was during Moon Wars: Zombie Planet that Endpoint began set in motion the Time Heroes Cinematic Universe.

After releasing many more productions, his main account, TheFallen123, was banned on December 6, 2015 due to uploading decal images that were deemed inappropriate. He soon returned that same day on his alt, Endpoint. He has continued to make films since.

Director Filmography

Name Year Director Type Status
Planetary Conquest 2010 Endpoint Series Released
WWII War Heroes 2010 Endpoint Film Cancelled
Moon Wars 2010 Endpoint Film Released
Moon Wars: Revenge Of The Zombie King 2011 Endpoint Film Released
War For Robloxia 2011 Endpoint Short Released
PWNZ0R-MAN 2011 Endpoint Series Cancelled
Fire V.S Ice 2011 Endpoint Film Released
Moon Wars: The Evolved 2011 Endpoint Film Released
Moon Wars: Return Of The Zombie Prince 2011 Endpoint Film Released
Moon Wars: Zombie Planet 2012 Endpoint Film Released
War For Robloxia (Series) 2012 Endpoint Series Cancelled
Noob V.S Boon 2013 Endpoint Series Released
The Dark Knight 2013 Endpoint Film Released
Hyperblue 2013 Endpoint Film Released
The Eight Pages 2013 Endpoint, somekiryu Series Cancelled
The Dark Knight: Knightfall 2014 Endpoint Film Released
A Diamond A Dozen 2014 Endpoint Short Released
Hunted 2015 Endpoint Short Released
Blind Justice 2015 Endpoint Film Released
Moon Wars: Aftermath 2015 Endpoint Short Released
The Renegade 2015 Endpoint Film Released
Revelations 2015 Endpoint Short Released
Frost 2015 Endpoint Series Released
Moon Wars: The Future Soldier 2016 Endpoint Film Released
Ember 2016 Endpoint Short Film Released
Injustice: Mortal 2019 Rick120, Endpoint Film Released
The Dark Knight: Apocalypse 2017 Endpoint Film Released
Synods (Moon Wars Reboot) 2017 Endpoint Film Released
Blind Justice (Reboot) 2018 Endpoint Film Released
Fallen Kingdom 2019 Endpoint Film Released
Moon Wars: Aftermath 2018 Endpoint Short Released
Injustice: Armageddon 2020 Endpoint Film Released
Crisis 2019 Wholesaleryan56 Short Released
The Trinity 2019 Jackiepwners Short Film Released
Rattle 2020 Wholesaleryan56 Film In-Production
Time Heroes 2020 Endpoint Film In-Production